The Mindset of an Internet Marketer

Okay so I have been wanting to put something like this together for a while, but either didn’t have the time or couldn’t be bothered.

So what does it take to really start making money on the internet? I’m not talking about a hundred dollars here or there I’m talking about thousands every month on a consistent basis.

There’s always stories on the internet about people making money, you know the house wife who made money using a squidoo method or the guy who makes thousands of dollars blogging everyday.

Are they super human? Maybe they are.

Are they doing something that you’re not?

Do you sometimes think to yourself, that they have a secret that you don’t know about?

Do you sometimes think that if only you knew the secret that you too could be successful like them earning thousands of dollars from the comfort of your own home in pj’s?

Okay, so I’m gonna tell you how to do it.

Don’t worry I’m not gonna do an Anthony Robins speech or anything like that and tell you that it’s “Personal Power” that will make you thousands of dollars. Nope, I am going to tell you the honest truth. You can either take it, or leave it, but this is how I made thousands of dollars online and it’s how some of the wealthiest groups of people on the internet do it too. But here’s the kicker, not many of tell you it.

Okay, so here it is.

Are you ready…

Find something that works and then multiple it by a million.

Did you know that when I first began internet marketing I started making money from people clicking on Google ads. Yep that’s right Google Adsense pulled in a significant income for me to the tune of $300,000. All I did was to find out how other people made money from Google Adsense and then I multipled it by a million. Actually, it was several million.

Have you heard the saying in sales, “It’s a numbers game”. Well, that’s exactly what it is in internet marketing too, and this is the mindset that you need to cultivate in order for you to make a significant living on the internet.

So how was I able to duplicate a method a million times over? Well, to cut a long story short, I am first and foremeost a computer programmer so all I did was to write several programs that enabled me to do the work of 10 employees. Making $20K a month with Google Adwords is so much more possible if you have a set of scripts that will do all of the donkey work.

Okay, so the question you will be asking yourself is “what works” – right! I can tell you from experience that there are literally thousands of methods and techniques out there that do not work and finding the ones that will work for you is half the battle.

But, here’s a clue.

He or she who can generate significant targetted traffic wins! That’s it. You see if you can generate enough targetted traffic to your offer or offers on a consistent basis you win!

Now there are only two ways of doing this, you can either pay for the traffic, or generate the traffic yourself via SEO, or other free methods.

K, to recap.

1) Use paid traffic or generate your own traffic free.
2) Once you have determined where your traffic is coming from, find a method that will work for you, then multiple it by a million.

That’s all I’ve got for you right now.